there are several ways you can donate for 
You can donate for ARSA at every Pay&Go Terminal in Albania
You can do so in 4 easy steps:
1) Select ARSA in the terminal
2) Fill in your phone number as requested.
3) Place the donation in cash in the designated place in the terminal
4) Take the coupon that the terminal will provide.
With a bank transfer
 Raiffeisen Bank account numbers with the beneficiary name: Animal Rescue Albania
IBAN Lek: AL96202110370000000001288664 ALL
IBAN EUR: AL81202110370000000011288664 EUR 
For other donations
If you want to donate food, medication, accessories or provide assistance for animals in need you can  write to us at
Also for cash donations if you are located in Albania, you can go to the donation boxes at the animal shop "Animalandia" (opposite of Petro Nini Luarasi" High School in Tirana) or veterinary clinic "Olsi and Blerina" (near "11 January" School in Tirana)

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